Gerd Hoempag

Hello there! My name is Gerd, and this is my hoempag. I hope you like it. Below are links to my upcoming, current and past projects, as well as links to my social media (I don't do Instagram though).

Upcoming Projects

Comment on IB life. Contains traces of procrastination.

Current Projects

None. Sad.

Past Projects

Advent of Code 2018 where I try to finally learn elixir properly.

Social Media!

You really want to follow me on social media? Be aware, I might harass you back. My Twitter is @JustGerd, but I often don't tweet for weeks. On the fediverse I'm @gerd although I also forget to toot often. Is Github even social media? It's gerd2002 if anyone cares. But I'll happily share my GitDab, which is pretty short: g. Yep. Just g. Did I miss anything? I don't think so.


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